About the Course


This course is taught by Ms. Emily Hardesty, a Dragon since 2012. Ms. Hardesty also teaches Virginia and U.S. History and sponsors Key Club, Model UN, Film Appreciation Club and Econ Team. In her free time Ms. Hardesty likes to go on walks with her new(ish) dog, read, travel, and write about herself in third person.

Why are you taking economics?

Economics is the study of choices made under conditions of scarcity. Why are there water restrictions in California? How will these new tariffs affect you and your family? Are retailers hiring? And lastly, why is movie theater popcorn so expensive?

It is important for people to have a strong foundation in economics and personal finance to make smart choices as consumers, workers, and as active citizens. Additionally, this course will help you deal with consumerism and to assess the validity of political messaging.

This is a hybrid course, which means that your coursework will be a combination of in-class and online work. This may also be referred to as “blended learning”. Some of your work will be completed through the course website, but you’ll also spend time in class taking traditional notes, working through problems, discussing how real world events relate to economic concepts, and practicing skills associated with personal finance.

At the end of the year, you will take the W!SE Financial Certification test, which is exclusively on personal finance content.